About Us

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) was established in 1996 under Act No. 20 of 1996 (repealed and replaced by the Waste Management Act No 8 of 2004). The Authority was established with the goal of improving existing standards of public health and environmental quality through more efficient waste management. 



The SLSWMA is administered by an eleven member Board of Directors comprising of the following:

  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Sustainable Development, Science and Technology - Chairperson
  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations - Deputy Chairman
  • The Director of Finance or his/her nominee
  • The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment
  • The Attorney General or his/her nominee
  • A representative of the Association of Professional Engineers
  • A representative of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, and
  • Three persons appointed by the Minister who in his/her opinion represent any interests connected with or related to the collection, disposal and recycling of waste



The mission statement of the SLSWMA is “to enhance Saint Lucia’s environmental integrity and the health of her people through the provision and management of an integrated system of public education and awareness and for the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste.



To improve existing standards of public health and environmental quality through more efficient waste management. 



  •  Manage, regulate and treat waste either alone or in conjunction with private companies or organizations
  •  Establish, maintain, improve and regulate the use of sanitary landfills and facilities, in accordance with    established scientific principles and practices
  •  Establish and manage facilities for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste
  •  Establish and maintain transfer stations
  •  Establish and promote a resource recovery system
  •  Oversee scheduling, safety and maintenance issues associated with solid waste management
  •  Promote and oversee public education related to solid waste management in collaboration with the relevant Ministries; and
  • Develop a network to receive, monitor and respond to public complaints




The Administration Department is headed by the General Manager who oversees the implementation of the various components of the Authority's plans and programmes, the overall administrative functions of the Authority including support to the Board of Directors. 


The Accounts Department is headed by the Accountant with responsibility for the accurate accounting, documentation, control and reporting of all funds entrusted to the SLSWMA.


The Education Department is headed by the Education and Public Information Manager with the responsibility of managing the Authority's public awareness and education activities which are aimed at providing the general populace with information and support for the Authority's integrated waste management services. 

Educational initiatives undertaken by the Department:

  • Community cleanup activities
  • Production of quarterly newsletter entitled 'SLSWMA News'
  • Production of public service announcements
  • Participation during national radio and television programmes
  • Lectures to various publics
  • Video production on various solid waste issues 
  • Community meetings
  • Tours of disposal facilities
  • Community workshops
  • Lectures to schools/organizations 
  • 24 hour hotline for public complaints 
  • Website
  • Letter/flyer drop-offs to individual households 
  • Use of community crier
  • Library


The operations department is headed by the operations manager with responsibility for developing operational plans and procedures pertaining to solid and hazardous waste management, oversees works contracted by the Authority, works executed directly by employees of the Operations Department, oversees the operational aspects of the collection service and landfills.

Waste Collection

The Authority is responsible for the collection of solid waste from households, and Government establishments, e.g. schools, hospitals, health centres, prisons, government offices. In this regard a minimum of a twice weekly waste collection service is provided throughout the island. In addition, a monthly bulky waste collection service is provided to every community. All waste collection services are privatized. 

The Authority does not offer collection service to businesses. All business owners are required to contract the services of a licensed waste hauler or transport waste to the disposal facilities themselves. 

Disposal Services:

The Authority operates two solid waste management facilities namely Deglos Sanitary Landfill which serves the north of the island and the Vieux-Fort Solid Waste Management Facility which serves the south of the island.

Categories of waste accepted include industrial waste, green waste, commercial waste, hazardous health care waste and derelict vehicles. Others categories of waste also referred to as special wastes accepted include asbestos, fiberglass, ship waste, condemned food, confidential documents, pharmaceuticals, construction and demolition. For the disposal of special waste, a disposal fee as well as special arrangements is required prior to the disposal of the above items. 

The island is divided into eleven collection zones with private collection contractors operating in each zone as follows:

Gros-Islet ..........................Shuga Waste Management

Dauphin/Castries Outer ......Trashbusters Limited

Castries Inner ...................Saint Lucia Environmental Company Limited

Castries South ...................Shuga Waste Management

Anse La Raye/Canaries .......Serieux's Solid Waste Disposal

Soufriere ...........................Sadoo & Sons Trucking Company

Choiseul ............................South Shore Auto Services & Waste Disposal

Laborie ..............................South Shore Auto Services & Waste Disposal

Vieux-Fort ..........................Sadoo & Sons Trucking Company

Micoud ...............................Sadoo & Sons Trucking Company

Dennery/Praslin ..................South Shore Auto Services & Waste Disposal