2 thoughts on “Gros Islet Waste Collection

  1. Why is the no garbage collection on Hillview Road, Beausejour, Gros Islet? (Off Beausejour Road, by Cricket Stadium)

    I have been living here for quite some time, along with my other neighbours and we have never had garbage collection truck come and collect our garbage. Can you kindly explain why we do not have our garbage collected, like all the other roads near us.

    I look forward to your prompt response.

    Kind regards

    M Law

    1. Good day,
      If the garbage truck can access your area for a curbside collection, then you can call our office and make a request to have the collection undertaken in your area. Please give us a call at our head office at 453-2208 and make a request. You can also contact the Zonal Supervisor for your area, Mr. Davis Mathurin if you have any issues or concerns.

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