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Help TinTin In The Fight Against Improper Waste Management In St.Lucia

My Name is Tin Tin and I am the Mascot for the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority.  I am genderless, meaning that I am neither male or female.  I teach kids and adults how to take care of their community by practicing good waste disposal habits.



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Waste Management Plan

Ensure that you have a waste management plan in place when planning a public event.

A waste management plan for developments must be submitted to the Authority for approval prior to construction.

Become a green team school


What is a Green Team?

A Green Team is a group of students ready to take action to become environmental stewards at school, at home and in the community. Green Team can focus on reducing waste, or promoting sustainability.


A Green Team:

  • Provides hands-on experience
  • Turns learning into action
  • Allows students to see the result of their choices
  • Benefits boths students and the environment


  • Receive advice support and materials
  • Can sign up for classroom presentations
  • Are recognized for their efforts

How to Become a Green Team

  • Think of activities that will help your class or club save natural resources and promote conservation and sustainable behaviours. Brainstorm fun ideas or choose one or two from the list below.
  • Design projects for your class or club, if you are feeling ambitious get your whole grade or even the entire school involved.

Grow a Green Garden:

Start a small garden or adopt an area of your school to restore or maintain. Learn about water conservation, composting native plants, and safe ways to control garden pests.

Educate Yourselves/ Others:

  • Educate others about conservation - make posters, create skits or songs to share with other classes, paint a mural, share morning assemblies.
  • Create a Green Team challenge board - use your school bulletin board to display actions that will cut down on garbage, conserve natural resources or save energy.
  • Bring the message home - do a home survey and ask families to pledge to make three conservation improvements. Have your Green Team students share their family ideas and successes.
  • Visits - visit the disposal sites, water treatment plants and offices that teach about the environment.

Benefits of a Green Team

Assistance and Advice - If you need help thinking of ideas or planning a project, the Authority is available to answer your questions or provide more information for a specific project.

Classroom Visits - If you need assistance to get your project started we are available to come to your classroom for workshops, free of charge, Monday to Friday.

Cleaner, Healthier Habits and Environment - Green Team projects are the great way to get your students interested and involved. Schools can truly benefit from the increased awareness of their students as they actively participate in improving or cleaning up their local environment.