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My Name is Tin Tin and I am the Mascot for the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority.  I am genderless, meaning that I am neither male or female.  I teach kids and adults how to take care of their community by practicing good waste disposal habits.



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Waste Management Plan

Ensure that you have a waste management plan in place when planning a public event.

A waste management plan for developments must be submitted to the Authority for approval prior to construction.

Management of Waste During the Hurricane Season

With the hurricane season officially beginning on June 1st, the SLSWMA encourages everyone to exercise caution with respect to the management of solid waste.

Avoid littering and illegal dumping since indiscrimintately dumped waste can contribute to flooding during rainfall. Instead all solid waste should be well contained/bagged and placed out for collection, only on the scheduled collection days.  Additionally, all households are encouraged to maximize the use of the monthly bulky waste collection day to get rid of unwanted bulky material.

Business houses are encouraged to take up their responsibility by engaging the services of a licenced waste hauler to transport and dispose of their waste if they are unable to do so themselves.  Irresponsible behaviour such as paying vagrants to deal with waste results in overflowing communal bins, littering and indiscriminate dumping on vacant lots and in the vicinity of ‘no dumping’ signs. 

It is also the time of year when residents and other agencies undertake tree trimming and cutting.  The Authority recognizes the need for households to undertake these activities in order to protect lives and property.   However we need to ensure that while attempting to prevent one problem we do not create others.  It is therefore critical that all green waste is properly managed.  No green waste should be dumped along roadsides, near or in communal bins as they can get into drains resulting in flooding during rainfall.  Additionally, waterways such as rivers, ravines etc. are not dumping areas for waste.  They should be left free of waste in order to allow the free flow of water.

Instead, all tree trimmings should be transported to the Deglos Sanitary Landfill or the Vieux-Fort Solid Waste Management Facility by the individual/organization responsible.