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My Name is Tin Tin and I am the Mascot for the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority.  I am genderless, meaning that I am neither male or female.  I teach kids and adults how to take care of their community by practicing good waste disposal habits.



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Waste Management Plan

Ensure that you have a waste management plan in place when planning a public event.

A waste management plan for developments must be submitted to the Authority for approval prior to construction.

Management of Waste During the Hurricane Season

With the hurricane season officially beginning on June 1st, the SLSWMA encourages everyone to exercise caution with respect to the management of solid waste.

Avoid littering and illegal dumping since indiscrimintately dumped waste can contribute to flooding during rainfall. Instead all solid waste should be well contained/bagged and placed out for collection, only on the scheduled collection days.  Additionally, all households are encouraged to maximize the use of the monthly bulky waste collection day to get rid of unwanted bulky material.

Business houses are encouraged to take up their responsibility by engaging the services of a licenced waste hauler to transport and dispose of their waste if they are unable to do so themselves.  Irresponsible behaviour such as paying vagrants to deal with waste results in overflowing communal bins, littering and indiscriminate dumping on vacant lots and in the vicinity of ‘no dumping’ signs. 

It is also the time of year when residents and other agencies undertake tree trimming and cutting.  The Authority recognizes the need for households to undertake these activities in order to protect lives and property.   However we need to ensure that while attempting to prevent one problem we do not create others.  It is therefore critical that all green waste is properly managed.  No green waste should be dumped along roadsides, near or in communal bins as they can get into drains resulting in flooding during rainfall.  Additionally, waterways such as rivers, ravines etc. are not dumping areas for waste.  They should be left free of waste in order to allow the free flow of water.

Instead, all tree trimmings should be transported to the Deglos Sanitary Landfill or the Vieux-Fort Solid Waste Management Facility by the individual/organization responsible.  

Recycling Workshop for Children

On Saturday December 14th, 2013 the Taiwanese volunteers in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority held a recycling workshop for children at the  Gros-Islet Library. Activities included an             environmental awareness promotion photo shoot, recycling presentation, eco-friendly Christmas card making, environmental colouring activity and an environmental film. There was also a reusable shopping bag exchange which was open to the public, where persons would bring in 30 plastic bottles and exchange it with an Eco-Shopping bag.

Bisee Clean-Up and Beautification Project

The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority in collaboration with the Sandals Foundation and the Bisee community undertook a clean up of the Bisee Illegal Dump Site.  The clean up and beautification project sponsored by The Sandals Foundation took place on Thursday, April 26, 2012.  Project activities included:

  • Clean up of all solid waste in the area
  • Removal of concrete slabs
  • Haulage of all solid waste to the Deglos Sanitary Landfill and
  • Beautification of the site

bisee clean up 2The Sandals Foundation has pledged sponsorship for some of the project activities.  In addition, some twenty (20) members of Sandals staff were temporarily released from their normal duties from the various Sandals Resorts to partake in the clean up and beautification project.

The Authority commends the Sandals Foundation for its contribution towards maintaining a clean and healthier environment for the residents of Bisee and    encourages other corporate entities to play their part in making our environment clean.

The Authority would also like to commend Mr. Cassian Henry, the Zonal Supervisor for the North of the island for his outstanding efforts at planning the project as well as his persistent collaboration with the Education department to ensure that the public was well sensitized regading the implementation and sustainability of this initiative. Mr. Henry also worked alongside the Bisee residents and the Staff of Sandals in collecting and bagging the waste, loading the truck, and landscaping the area.

The Authority appeals to residents of Bisee to ensure that the area remains clean and of course discourages any illegal dumping by anyone.

Pierrot Combined Delivers Star Rated Performance

The grade six students of the Pierrot Combined School clearly have a love for the environment, and what better way to display it than publicly for the nation to see.

On July 5, 2013, the students visited the studios of the Government Information Service (GIS) where they replicated a chant which was performed at the last Anti-Litter Schools march. They were awarded a special prize for a voluntary impromptu presentation which was demonstrated at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux-Fort after the March on October 14, 2011.

Although it was long overdue, they still staged a magnificent performance as they impressed the staff at the studio with their song and dance.

Following the recording, the students toured the studios and  offices of NTN/GIS, learning about  the day to day operations.

Later that day, the students visited the Deglos Sanitary Landfill where they were enlightened about the journey which their garbage goes through on a daily basis.

It was without a doubt a learning experience for the students of Pierrot Combined School as well as a fun-filled one!

Green Waste Training for Hotel Properties

The Travel Foundation in association with the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority conducted a Composting Training Workshop for hotel properties in St. Lucia. The Foundation, founded in 2003, is the travel industry’s own charity, set up to respond to concerns over the sustainability of travel and tourism. It is an independent UK charity which helps the travel industry understand, manage and take effective action on sustainable tourism and exists to protect and enhance the environment and improve the well-being of destination communities, as well as the holiday experience for visitors.

The workshop was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel on Monday, April 30 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and culminated in a practical example of setting up a simple compost pile. The workshop was aimed at    promoting the understanding of the importance of the role of green practices and waste reduction in hotels in their efforts at protecting and sustaining the environment.